September 2019: Dr. Claudia Kleinman, Cancer Cell See the poster
August 2019:  Dr. Gerald Batist and Wilson Miller, Nature Medicine See the poster
July 2019: Dr. Antonios DourosEuropean Heart Journal See the poster
June 2019: Dr. Antonis Koromilas, Nature Communications See the poster
May 2019:  Dr. Brett Thombs, JAMA Internal Medicine See the poster
April 2019: Dr. William Foulkes, Nature Communications See the poster
March 2019: Dr. Hyman Schipper, The Neuroscientist See the poster
February 2019: Dr. Brent Richards, Nature Genetics See the poster
January 2019: Dr. Samy Suissa, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine See the poster
December 2018: Dr. Kostas Pantopoulos,Blood See the poster
November 2018: Dr. Andrea LeBlancNature Communications See the poster
October 2018:  Dr. Alexandre Orthwein, The EMBO Journal See the poster
September 2018: Dr. Stephane Richard, Developmental Cell See the poster
August 2018: Drs. Susan Kahn & David Zukor, The New England Journal of Medicine See the poster
July 2018: Dr. Christel Renoux, Journal of the American College of Cardiology See the poster
June 2018: Dr. Samy Suissa, The New England Journal of Medicine See the poster
May 2018: Dr. Andrea LeBlanc, Cell Death and Differentiation 
April 2018: Dr. Wilson Miller, Journal of Clinical Investigation See the poster
March 2018: Dr. Prem Ponka, Blood See the poster
February 2018: Dr. Brent Richards, Nature Genetics See the poster
November 2017: Dr. William Foulkes, Nature Genetics See the poster
September 2017: Dr. Wilson Miller, Cell Death & Differentiation See the poster
June 2017: Dr. Ernesto Schiffrin, Circulation See the Poster
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