Instrument Booking

The LDI core facilities uses the core scheduler; accessible only through the LDI network.

Instrument Training Requests

Trained users can operate the Quorum Wave SD Confocal Microscope and Zeiss LSM Pascal Confocal Microscope unassisted 24/7 at the LDI Cell Imaging Facility. To request an instrument training session, please contact the core facility by email and fill out the User Information Form.
The User Information Form can be downloaded here (LDI Intranet only):\it\CYTOMETRY/LFCMF UserInformation 180814.doc

Technical Assistance Request

A highly qualified LDI Cell Imaging Facility staff can acquire and analyze your cell imaging experiments. Please contact us to make an appointment. We will access the feasibility of your experiment and schedule your run.
* Live cell imaging rates applies after 4 hour initial setup at Imaging, Self operator or with assistance rates.
 ** An additional five pre-billed Confocal Imaging, Self operator hours will be charged to each trained user.
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