LDI Flow Cytometry Facility Rules of Use
1. The flow cytometry analysis room, E-417 A, is a Biosafety Level 1 (BSL1) Lab. Samples at or above BSL2 are not permitted to be run on the flow cytometry analyzers and cell counter (BD LSR Fortessa, BD FACSCaliburs and BC Z2 Cell Counter). If you wish to run primary human, virus-infected, or any other BSL2 samples on these instruments, they must be fixed!

2. The cell sorting room, E-417 B, is a BSL2 Lab. Users must submit the Cell Sorting Request form and disclose any risk factors by completing the High Risk Cell Sorting form at time of booking.

3. Acknowledge the LDI Flow Cytometry Facility in any publications (posters, presentations, papers…) that includes data acquired at the facility and please send us the reference.

4. Before being issued online booking access and using LDI Flow Cytometry Facility instruments, ALL USERS MUST:
  • Be trained onsite by an LDI Flow Cytometry Facility staff. Users are not permitted to train other new users.
  • Duly complete and hand in a User Information Form. 
  • Provide account information for billing purposes.
5. Users can only use instruments on which they have been trained.

6. Initial training sessions will be billed per hour and the user is strongly advised to bring samples similar to those with which they will be working on. This makes the training more specific to a given application and helps address specific sample issues.

7. Users will be charged for instrument login/logout time with a minimum charge of 10 minutes for each booking.

8. If a user does not show up for time booked and did not cancel the booking within 24 hours of the start time, they will be charged for the entire booking.

9. Users must shutdown flow cytometers if:
  • Next user is scheduled farther than two hours away.
  • Next user is booked after5 PM
  • He/She is the last booked user of the day
10. If users do not show up during the first half-hour of their booking, the instrument is considered available for others to use. As per statement 3, you will be billed!

11. Users will NOT be charged if the equipment is not functioning. Please inform local managers or the facility director immediately if there is a problem with the equipment.

12. Users will have their privileges revoked temporarily or permanently for any misconduct, equipment misuse or non-standard manipulation; at the discretion of the LDI Flow Cytometry Facility staff.

13. Booking priority will be given in the following order:
  • Local Users
  • McGill Users
  • Outside Users
14. The facility director or local managers reserve the right to make final decisions where there is a question of user priority.

15. The facility assumes no responsibility for data stored on the instrument computers. Data left on the computers for more than one month can be deleted without notice. No CD-RW, DVD-RW or USB portable drives are allowed on any Windows OS acquisition computers as they can carry viruses infecting the computers.

16. No third party software, drivers nor plugins should be installed on the computer stations without prior approval of the facility manager.

17. When technical assistance is required, it will be by appointment only.

These rules are subject to change if deemed necessary
by the LDI Flow Cytometry Facility staff.
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